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Bored of the default Magento login screen? It does suck a little fun out of the party every time it shows up.

Add in your own customised background page, with your company logo - make your team proud to be a part of the company!

Makes logging in on phone, slabs, desktop - easy, and fast.

If you have multiple employees working on different parts of the site (eg. Accountants in Invoices, Pickers in the Picking section, you, Dashboard) then it can save that extra staff onboarding question, and that little bit of time every day, to arrive directly on the page that is relevant for that specific staff member. You can now set this with powerLogin in the User Grid.

powerLogin works really well with Clean, we recommend getting both together.

The Installation option on this includes us making a sharp logo image and a sharp background image for your site.
Responsive, customisable, beautiful login screen. Set landing page for each specific user.

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