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Zero-setup, instant-on, no-captcha spam protection for your contact forms and product reviews.
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NoMoreSpam! stops spam being sent from your Magento Contact Form and Product Reviews forms.

Save yourself the hassle of filtering spam messages and worrying if you've missed a legit one.

Don't add those annoying Captchas - no-one will thank you for that. NoMoreSpam has you covered.

NoMoreSpam! works in the background as soon as you install it.

It needs no setup, it just works!

How does this work? We do a lot of different actions which go far beyond standard anti-spam. We:

  • Add hidden fields that both need to be empty and need to be filled in.
  • Check the time taken to submit a form. If it's faster than a human could submit it, we automatically tag it as spam.
  • Check the contents of fields, specific to each field. If there is a link in an email field, html code in a name field, etc. then we tag it as spam.

Important note
This is a free extension that we have released to the Magento Community. We have spent a lot of time on it, and it works well for a lot of people. We don't have a lot more time that we can spend on it unfortunately. But, it's a community here, and a community extension. We've spent our chunk of time on it and we think it works really well.

If you find that it doesn't work for you, or you'd like to add more features - please go ahead. Be a part of the community and give back. Send us your fixes and add-ons and we'll add them to the codebase so that other people in the community can benefit as well.

Please don't send us messages like "You've spent all this time on this but in my totally customised store it doesn't work - you need to fix this TODAY or I will leave bad comments about you all over the internet." This is not fair on us - we're releasing this as something to help out the community. It's free. It's community. Please don't get upset when we say that we cannot work for you for free to support this free extension. :) Instead, get into the code if you have an issue, and pay forward some of that time that we've put into it, fix whatever issue you have, and then let us know so that we can release your changes and acknowledge your efforts, while helping other people in the future.

• If you do find a bug with this extension, please do send us a polite message with a detailed report, with full error lists if applicable, and FTP and Magento access details - we *will* add it to our job list but can't guarantee a date to check it. We'd much prefer if you worked out issues yourself (as they are usually related to custom code at your end) and then sent us a detailed note explaining how you fixed it.

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Review by Jim
Ok I'm biased, Jim from Moogento here, but this stopped all spam contact form messages, and stopped all spam review posts! A Win! (Posted on 5/21/2014)

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