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Pack Faster & Impress Your Customers

  • Boost sales with beautiful PDFs
  • Speed-up processing with picklists
  • Customise & optimise labels & CSVs

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Upgrade your Packing Sheets & Invoices

Make it memorable

pickPack produces beautiful Packing Sheets and Invoices - don't drop the ball with your company's image at the first point of physical contact.

Increase sales

Easily add discount coupons and other call-to-actions. Add review reminders, customisable by store. Generate more trust, more return sales, and more profit, with your great-looking printouts, in their hands.

Reduce support time

Include returns info and forms on the sheets. Option to print Invoice/Packing Sheet from customer account page, and in the admin order overview page.

Accurate packing

Add checkboxes, quantity callouts, product options and photos, shelving/warehouse/shipping info, low-stock notices, gift and filtered admin messages.

Fast processing

Works perfectly with integrated labels and window-envelopes - exactly position addresses. Add Order ID barcodes (integrates with shipEasy barcode scanning function), and product barcodes.

Power-up Picklists : Process Orders Faster

Happy warehouses

Processing orders with Magento - you know it's a hassle to pick products off the warehouse shelves, and organize them for packing. Revolutionise this with Order-combined and Order-separated Picklists. Show a list of all items from every selected order, as PDFs or CSVs, with customisable attributes and sorting. Show shipping method to help prioritise expedited orders.

Fast & accurate packing

Show the info you need, in the right place, and eliminate packing mistakes. Barcodes, images, shelving, custom attributes.

Multi-location aware

Combined with shipEasy, you can automatically show different company & return addresses (per store/website) based on the shipping destination country group.

International shipping manifests

Make cargo manifests, grouped by product category (save money on complex category submissons), box (if combining orders into boxes), and show overall shipment totals. All output as an Excel file.

Quick business info

Generate quick summaries of cost & income for selected groups of orders to keep on top of your business accounting.

pickPack has helped us simplify our order processing as well as enabling our picking and packing documents to be perfectly on brand.

Our team find it much easier to pack and our customers love our customised packing sheets.

Thanks pickPack!

Krisi Smith, Bluebird Tea Co.

Zebra-label Support Built-in

  • Print labels direct in your Zebra, Dymo, Avery (or similar) printer.

  • Add postage labels based on the Magento shipping method, or based on custom rules with courierRules.

  • Include a mini-picklist - either inside the label, or after each order on its own label.

  • Add order-id barcodes - process orders as they go out the door, with shipEasy.

  • Print auto-generated CN22 customs forms on the same labels with relevant orders with autoCN22.

Process Even Faster with Barcode-scanning Integration

  • Print Order IDs as barcodes in multiple places - eg. the integrated-label document head, integrated shipping labels, zebra labels, or picklists.

  • You can then scan the address label (eg. using shipEasy) as each order is on the way out the door.

  • Processing orders with a barcode scanner makes the whole process a lot faster and less prone to errors, and keeps your customers happier - you can easily keep them up-to-date with each stage of the packing cycle.

  • You can also print a barcode for each individual product on the picklists, to integrate with product-picking extensions (coming soon!).

If you're using other extensions to collect customer comments, gift messages, wrapping paper and gift card messages, checkout messages, etc. - pickPack is probably already integrated.

Here's a list of the current integrations:

  • Moogento shipEasy - auto-set custom flag columns (eg. assign a 'printed' tag when creating a Packing Sheet), print each order once only (stops double-shipping orders), change order status on print (eg. filter by 'unprinted'), etc.
  • Moogento courierRules - Create detailed post-order shipping rules, based on things like shipping zones (country/postcode groups), order value, estimated package dimensions, order weight, custom order attributes, customer-chosen shipping method, etc. This means you can change the Magento shipping method reported by Magento to both pickPack and external shipping connectors - enabling you to override customer shipping method choices to potentially deliver orders faster and cheaper.
  • Moogento autoCN22 - Add CN22 (customs) labels automatically to your PDFs - Packing Sheets & Invoices, or as separate labels. Save hassle, mistakes, and time with this easy add-on. Presets for UK, German, US, Dutch, Thai forms, and options for text-based and custom-labels. Works with courierRules to only print for specific country groups for an added time-save.
  • Moogento Trolleybox - assign orders to trolleys. This speeds up warehouse picking where you pick multiple orders per picker.
  • M2ePro - pickPack works with this popular way to integrate Magento with eBay and Amazon. Show marketplace details in your PDFs (eg. Amazon order id, eBay customer comments). ^ If you want to print shipping labels based on M2Epro shipping methods (as opposed to Magento Shipping Methods) you'll also need the excellent courierRules.

pickPack also auto-connects with these:

Sending emails with attached pickPack PDFs
  • Ebizmarts Mandrill
  • Aschroder SMTPPro
  • Aschroder Email
  • AW CustomSmtp
  • Aitoc Aitemails
Show checkout page comments:
  • Idev OneStepCheckout
  • Brainvire OrderComment
  • Aitoc Aitcheckoutfields
  • Spletnisistemi OrderComment
  • MageMods OrderComment
  • MW Onestepcheckout
Including giftwrap choices and gift messages:
  • Magestore Giftwrap
  • Xmage GiftWrap
  • Webtex GiftRegistry
We also integrate seamlessly with these:
  • AW Sarp
  • Amasty Order Attributes
  • Amasty Deliverydate
  • Innoexts Warehouse
  • MageWorx MultiFees
  • MageWorx CustomerCredit
  • Temando

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Compatible with recent CE & EE versions
(Community: 1.4-; Enterprise: 1.9-

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Changelog for pickPack (Magento 1)

4.0.96 - 03/07/2018
- Added new feature to Force shipping country to English

4.0.95 - 21/06/2018
- Added feature to hide specific product options

4.0.94 - 21/06/2018
- Added option to hide ship address for specific ship methods

4.0.93 - 01/06/2018
- Added feature to CSV Orders (show each attribute once)

4.0.92 - 30/05/2018
- Updated Gift message countdown

4.0.91 - 23/05/2018
- Fixed CSV export (custom product attribute wasn't updated)
- Fixed bundle children bug

4.0.90 - 22/05/2018
- Update to deal with older PHP versions
- Fixed pickPack bundle option issue

4.0.89 - 14/03/2018
- Fixed a small bug with PDF Zebra output

4.0.88 - 02/03/2018
- Fixed a couple small bugs

4.0.87 - 01/03/2018
- Updated logic when showing unique/total count

4.0.86 - 26/02/2018
- Fixes for address label nudges for order id
- Updating description for address format to show new telephone option

4.0.85 - 22/02/2018
- Fixed address sheet labels, phone number
- Updated trolley sort option label for clarity
- Fixed Invoice name trimming

4.0.84 - 09/02/2018
- Fixed pickPack csv tax_amount, simple_sku
- Fixed Order-combined Picklist - Prod.options: Yes,new line for each, under product SKU

4.0.83 - 05/02/2018
- Updated logic when printing extra-large images
- Updated single-print warning message for clarity
- Fixed pickPack double-print issue (print on order grid page)
- Updated pickPack double-print issue
- Updated pickPack csv tax_amount, simple_sku
- Fixed 'show product options', order-combined custom attributes missing
- Fixed pickPack double-print issue

4.0.82 - 10/01/2018
- Fixed pickPack csv tax amount
- Fixed customer comments overprint
- Fixed order comments under shipping address

4.0.81 - 14/12/2017
- Fixed issue preventing Chinese characters showing in bundle children csv

4.0.80 - 14/12/2017
- Updated trolleyBox integration, for sort
- Updated trolleyBox integration, for the option "Show Trolley-ID barcode in picklists"
- Updated trolleyBox integration, for "TQ" boxes greyed out for "all except the first"
- Updated trolleyBox integration, for Sort product list
- Updated trolleyBox integration, for empty Qty (TQ) column

4.0.79 - 13/12/2017
- Updated Zebra label - 1 label per product (CN22 empty page fixed)

4.0.78 - 13/12/2017
- Update to show larger order id barcode for single-product labels
- Update to show larger product info for single print labels

4.0.77 - 12/12/2017
- Update for fixed address format when using zebra labels

4.0.76 - 22/11/2017
- Fixed column duplicate "custom attribute"
- PDF Invoice added check paymentOrder
- Updated Zebra label - 1 label per product
- Updating gift message text
- Updating bundle children display in Pickslips to be more obvious
- Updating logic for fixed line heights in billing address as well as shipping address
- Updating font processing for older versions of PHP

4.0.75 - 20/11/2017
- Fixed issue with image resizing
- Fixed PDF Gift Message option not working
- Fixed double-line spacing setting off (QRcode)
- Fixed double-line spacing setting off (date format, option *qty left to ship*)

4.0.74 - 14/11/2017
- Adding feature to keep blank line in Packing Sheet shipping address, even if empty. Helpful for maintaining label formatting on pre-printed stock and window envelopes.
- Added new subtotal for gifts
- Updated trim product name
- Fixed product images are not showing in the Invoice for bundle children
- Fixed double-line spacing setting
- Edited custom frontend page to show pdf buttons

4.0.73 - 30/10/2017
- Adding label to explain better the shippingRules generated labels

4.0.73 - 26/10/2017
- Fixed, output formatting errors, for fixed bundle products

4.0.71 - 24/10/2017
- Fixed, output formatting errors, for some product types

4.0.70 - 13/10/2017
- Fixed, Packing Sheet custom attributes not displaying in some setups
- Fixed, fatal error in some setups, with PDF Order Combined
- Updated default config settings

4.0.69 - 25/07/2017
- Fixed, multiple order comments not showing in some setups, in Order-separated CSV output

4.0.68 - 23/06/2017
- Updating font paths
- Fixed, issue which returned blank admin page when printing PDFs in some setups
- Fixed, issue where the value from autoCn22 in Invoices don't get correct config from "invoice price config section"
- Fixed, issue where some font choices would return fatal errors

4.0.67 - 09/06/2017
- Fixing subtotal display to show tax-removed value correctly, where shipping is taxed separately
- Fixed, vertical company address line, where theres no valid company logo
- Fixed issues printing PDF Packing Sheet produced a blank admin page
- Fixed where using Helvetica default font
- Change Method to print custom attribute 2
- Fixed issue item where product lines were missing right page padding
- Change Method to print custom attribute 1
- Fixed issue pickpack not getting correct custom attribute text
- Split functions into small classes for easier investigations!
- Fixed issue with first tickbox printing in the wrong position

4.0.66 - 09/06/2017
- Fixed code and change config for custom attribute
- Fixed simple product names showing parent names in Order Combined picklist
- Fixed bundle child checkbox to match the child nudge
- Fixed greyed-out lines for supplier-split Invoices
- Added code and changed config logic for custom attribute
- Fixed splitting Packing Sheet and Invoice by supplier
- Fixed font size for bundle children qty
- Fixed line spacing where bundle children were overlapping each other with consecutive bundles in Packing Sheet
- Fixed config for custom attributes
- Trying to fix issue where running build removes some bracketed code
- Fixing the name trim issue
- Updating Order-combined PDFs to show split-suppliers products greyed out if requested
- Updating Order-combined PDFs to show custom attributes better
- Fixing Order-separated picklist price display
- Updating pickpack config description for paired and duplicated options
- Fixing name trimming function
- Item count config description tweak
- Showing custom sizes in comments in specific cases
- Adding options to show bundle children count in packing Sheet
- Fixing issue with occasional missed product names
- Adding functionality to the Item count number in packing sheets, to count bundle children
- Added design tweaks for zebra label picklist
- Fixing address display in zebra label picklist when using GFS
- Tidying single-line product options display, where there are long lines
- Added adjustments to product barcodes and subtotal lines when using product images under the main product line
- Adding elipsis characters instead of ... where used
- Reducing bundle children line spacing
- Added new option to show product options in order comment section
- Added check for blank attribute config entry that was causing errors in OrderCombined Picklist
- Now product options have double-line spacing if main products do
- Fixed cases where Invoices have the image set to show underneath the product line
- Fixed Zebra label product lists
- Tidying zebra product label
- Fixed occasional order-combined output error
- Fixed switching country
- Adding feature to set the status for multiple-page prints
- Removing rogue region tags from addresses
- Allowing multiple comments in CSV export, and non-roman characters in custom product attributes
- Updating trim feature to keep PDFs tidy
- Added product option pair logic for Packing Sheet and Invoice
- Added options to pair options instead of splitting all
- Updated order-combined printing to deal with stacked custom option products with the same sku needing to be counted separately but still grouped
- Updated order-combined printing to deal with exceptionally large product images
- Updated config to be more readable with longer lists
- Added ablity to show shipping barcode and order id even without the address showing, in page base
- Fixed product name trim issue
- Clarifying Order-combined PDF config section
- Fixed glyphNumbersForCharacters error in some edge cases
- Fixed reported bug with csv orders
- Update for wordwrap feature
- Fixing product names being over_truncated: thanks to Chris Astley for the bug report and fix!
- Added feature to disable shipping address
- Added option to print a blank column in Packing Sheets and Invoices, ust by adding attribute code : blank
- Fixing an error with csv export for some older versions of PHP
- Hiding bundlechild tax when main product is set to hide tax
- Updating box spacing around below-product list order messages
- Updating wordwrap for where we are also showing the base currency amount as well as the order amount
- Updating wordwrap for edge cases where gd isnt installed on the server
- Updating Order separated picklist to be a bit simpler
- Adding feature to show the shipping postcode next to the order id in the shipping label
- Updating "Postage & Packing" text to "P&P" for shortening UK shipping descriptions
- Adding option to not simplify payment data
- Fix to not show barcode in combined product barcodes, where there's no value set
- Update to work with new trolleyBox version
- Adding star icons for extra label option clarity in Zebra config
- Tidying config for zebra label
- Fixed zebra label issue
- Fixed rare error with Combined-order picklist with products that didnt have cost attribute
- Updating Parcelforce tracking URL
- Fixed nudge issue
- Fixed the "new page" bug for mixed PDFs
- Connects to the new shippingRules integration with GFS

4.0.52 - 28/02/2017
- Updating Aitoc Checkout Fields integration
- Adapting company address logic to have more vertical line spacing
- Updating double-line spacing logic for stacked-product-option products
- Fixing an issue with Font path when making barcodes
- Updating default address padding
- Adding noGD workaround for servers setup that way
- MinY cutoff now works with multiple multi-page orders in the same batch
- Adding option to format order-combo csv prices by base store style
- Adding option to format csv prices by base store style

4.0.51 - 15/02/2017
- MinY cutoff now works with multiple multi-page orders in the same batch
- Adding option to format order-combo csv prices by base store style
- Adding option to format csv prices by base store style
- Updating Order ID and Tracking ID barcodes to be more compact

4.0.50 - 06/02/2017
- Updating CSV logic to work with more tracking formats
- Changing an incorrect alert spelling

4.0.49 - 04/02/2017
- Editing PDF Combined logic for configurable product total costs
- Updating order_combined csv logic to account for varying prices across multiple orders, when showing total paid

4.0.48 - 31/01/2017
- Editing PDF Combined logic for configurable product total costs
- Updating order_combined pdf logic to show total product cost and total revenue
- Updating order_combined pdf logic to account for varying prices across multiple orders, when showing total paid

4.0.47 - 18/01/2017
- Fixed, installation error

4.0.46 - 05/01/2017
- Fix for page base return address background image, and adding better default positions

4.0.45 - 04/01/2017
- Fixing option to hide product unit price in Invoices

4.0.44 - 03/01/2017
- Simplifying sort language in General
- Fixed product sort in Packing Sheet and Invoice
- Tidying combined products list display
- Fixed truncated words showing in columns
- Added support for showing options description with MageWorx Custom options plugin

4.0.43 - 20/12/2016
- Fixed, issued with "Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency" error

4.0.42 - 19/12/2016
- Fixed issue with magento compilation

4.0.41 - 07/12/2016
- Fixed, sorting by first and second attribute
- Tidied missing extension warning to correctly ask for shippingRules and not shipEasy
- Fixed position for gift message titles
- Fixed sorting by both attributes
- Fixed Gift message being hidden in some situations
- Fixed memory limit for product array
- Fixed 'Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency'
- Line spacing improvements with bundle child products
- Now line spacing works with huge tickboxes!
- Tidied config by removing auto-added items col title

4.0.40 - 25/11/2016
- Added line-spacing improvements for bundle child products
- Now line spacing works with huge tickboxes!
- Connected trolleybox-box-assigning feature
- Fixed tickbox positions when used with bundle child products
- Added feature to Zebra Label output: Font style options
- Added feature to Zebra Label output: Positioning for barcode
- Added feature to Zebra Label output: additional Order ID barcode
- Fixed child-product 2nd tickbox sizing/placement issues
- Fixed rectangles
- Refactoring code for speed
- Fixed CSS config-options-overlap
- Fixed Carrier label
- Fixed Tracking Number Label
- Added option for Orders CSV to show Carrier title
- Added option for csv tracking number
- Fixed Tracking Number, previously showing label instead of number
- CSV/order/separated shipping-fax/billing-fax
- Fixed Zebra Label custom attribute display
- Fixed total price per line (tax on/off)
- Fixed price and total line in invoice
- Fixed some minor errors
- PDF (Shipping summary) fixed error in the name table
- Tidied Shipping Summary for default 'no'
- Updated Zebra label default settings
- Updating Dutch translations
- Tidied titles from/to for moveable box
- Updating gift message titles
- Adding labels from/to for product gift message in moveablebox
- Fixed default settings in Zebra label
- Fixed Zebra label sku triming
- M2Epro attributes fixed ebay attributes
- Updating Finnish and Swedish translations
- Updating translations for Swedish
- Adding translations for Finnish
- Fixed label zebra (product list) custom attribute title
- Fixed reservation plugin integration to show fixed date format
- Fixed an issue with Gift Messages
- Fixed an option with messages 'MoveableBox' type
- Updating email transactional template contents
- Updating translation files

4.0.39 - 17/10/2016
- Updating translation files
- Added feature to show Reservations module integration : dates in product line
- Tidied Order combined barcode display
- Added feature to trolleybox - reset trolley count
- Fixed PDF Orders Combined sku barcode
- Fixed Shipping Type: Bold font
- Fixed connection with trolleybox to use new config font/size/color/style/family/background
- Big edit of all language translations. pickPack should work better in your language now.
- Fix totals in PDF couriers
- Editing the config section for clarity for moving specifically the gift message title

4.0.38 - 12/10/2016
- Fixed row total with tax for base currency
- Fixed PDF Couriers summary, using new config
- Added to PDF (Shipping courier summury), options for Font/Style/Size
- Adding option to specifically nudge gift message title
- Fixed bold shipping details label choice
- Fixed tax included/excluded in subtotal
- Fix to show 'Payment type' label once
- Fixed position 'Payment Type' if billing address set left
- Added 'Payment Fee' for translation
- Added logic to word-wrap custom attributes in (PDF label zebra)
- Added feature to show custom attribute in (PDF label zebra)
- Added wrapping for gift messages under individual products
- Some fixes to reduce Warning messages
- Tidied (PDF label zebra) reduced space in product lines
- Tightening default label barcode position, hiding discount on zero.
- Fixed, (Label Zebra), showing sku for configurable products
- Added feature to show Custom Fee from Adyen_Fee
- Adding coupon code option to subtotal, fix

4.0.37 - 01/10/2016
- Adding coupon code option to subtotal, fix

4.0.36 - 01/10/2016
- Added feature to show coupon code in Invoice subtotal
- Tidied 'PDF Couriers', spaces removed
- Tidied up output - empty rows are now hidden, weight/price are also formatted correctly

4.0.35 - 29/09/2016
- Added new logic to subtract discounts from total product line
- Fixed row total 'included tax'
- Editing config labels for clarity with discounts and taxes
- Fixed issue with 'include tax in price' in product lines
- Fixed issue with PDF Order-combined - the rectangle is fixed around the summary output
- Fixed issue with PDF Order-combined, line format is now correct if product images enabled (different width/height)
- Added a fix for 'mb_substr' having errors in some PHP versions
- PDF Courier Summary, added config section for an activation per action
- Fixed tracking number as barcode
- Return address background Image fixed
- Added feature - PDF Courier Summary. (weight/price rounded)

4.0.34 - 19/09/2016
- Added new options to output M2Epro fields in csv exports
- Removed option to put address title beside the address instead of above it. This isn't a popular feature so simplifying the options a bit.
- 34-feature-pdf-courier-summary
- Updating Order-combined page titles for translation
- Updating Orders Summary to translate the subtotal labels
- Fixed an issue where bundle child products prices were showing tax when not showing the price
- Fixed, nudges on bottom shipping address
- Added M2Epro fields for order csv: marketplace_id
- Added an option to print the Invoiced date in the Packing Sheet title (as well as the Ordered date)
- Integrated with Sales Igniter reservation extension, to show reservation dates in Packing Sheets/Invoices
- Fixed default position of shipping & payment methods
- Fixed, tax display issues with discounted prices

4.0.33 - 07/09/2016
- Added currency display options to Packing Sheets as well as Invoices
- Updating translation file for German
- Adding label to page-base payment method display option
- Edited some config options for accuracy and spelling

4.0.32 - 30/08/2016
- Updating config position of dummy value option
- updating config styling for better layout
- Editing config label slightly to make the reformat section clearer

4.0.31 - 11/08/2016
- Fixed issue showing shipped items in packingsheet/invoice pdf when meant to be hidden
- Fixed top billing address right padding issue
- Fixed issue where incorrect currency code was showing for some setups
- Fixed error with fullwidth logo image and company address positioning
- Added method to show refunds value in the total price display
- Fixed issue to show hour/minute in custom date formatted titles
- Added option for order-separated total weight / shipping / grand total
- Updated default order barcode nudges to be neater
- Fixed totals calculations when original price doesn't equal item price
- Added item price column for PDF Order-separated output
- Updated Order-separated config formatting for clarity
- Updated logic to show prices only for invoiced order items in Pdf Invoice and Pdf Packing Sheet

4.0.30 - 07/07/2016
- Added order comments option in PDF order-separated
- Updated logic for showing currency symbol or codes
- Fixed, printing postage labels in the address sheet
- Fixed issue for getting correct date time format

4.0.29 - 01/07/2016
- Fixed printing CN22 label on Packing Sheets
- Set default values for German and Dutch CN22 Labels
- Added scaling to CN22 label
- Fixed issue with CN22 printing over sub-totals in some situations
- Added function to print correct page number when totals block creates a new page
- Added correct scaling of the German CN22 label
- Fixed issue so that the correct barcodes are showing in zebra labels
- Updated English translations files
- Fixed issue where the correct shipping value in SubTotals wasn't always there
- Added option to show shipping with tax or without tax
- Added feature to work better with split shipments
- Fixed vertical nudge page title bar

4.0.28 - 20/06/2016
- Setting more realistic Order-Separated defaults for showing product images
- Setting more realistic Zebra label defaults, and simplifying the config section for displaying products
- Fixed product images, and product images nudges, for PDF Order-Separated
- Fixed issue when nudging page title bar
- Fixed 'export settings' errors
- Added option to filter products by status
- Added shipping zone specific return addresses, based on courierRules Shipping Zone settings
- Now allowing blank column titles in PDFs!
- Fixing disparity between Invoice and Packing Sheet top-of-page Order id
- Fixed issue with Packing sheet generating speed
- Added feature to show ITwebexperts 'Pay-per-rentals Date'
- Added code to show "Cash on Delivery" fee in order subtotals
- Updating Italian translations
- Fixed Postcode so that it always prints caps
- Added feature to show full-caps region
- Added code to print cn22 in the first page of each order, instead of after, to better match integrated labels
- Fixed Email-attached PDFs Payment Info options
- Fixed Qty left to ship, Qty shipped, Qty ordered options
- Added function to sort products by category name in PDF (Order-combined Picklist)
- Adding defaults for PDF Order-Separated Product column titles
- Updating default company address x-pos to be inline with right-side shipping details in PDFs
- Fixing option to show or hide brackets around tax in subtotal
- Fixing tracking number barcode in integrated labels going missing
- Fixed Shipping Method not showing in some cases
- Fixed grey separating line in product list
- Updating default bottom label barcode, order id, position to have more space
- Updating default price column defaults
- Added option for brackets on Magento-sourced tax subtotal
- Fixed issue where order comments on rotated Zebra Labels sometimes went weird
- Fixed "PDF Invoice & Packing Sheet" button in order detail pages
- Fixed disappearing button on order view page

4.0.27 - 18/05/2016
- Adding Danish translations
- Fixed an issue where the Orders Summary PDF didn't always match the grid sort

4.0.26 - 17/05/2016
- fixed Orders Summary issue where the date over-lapped
- Fixed conflict with VES_VendorsCheckout
- Fixed issue where importing or exporting pickPack config settings didn't always work
- Fixed sort of orders summary orders to match grid sort
- Updating translations to work properly in Admin section
- Added option to trim or word-wrap long SKUs in Packing Sheets and Invoices
- Adding some new translations
- Updated translations
- Fixing fresh-install order-combined output to be more smooth with no config edits
- Fixed issue in PDF Order Combined that caused the second custom attribute in bundle child products to go missing
- Added function to sort bundle children by priority
- Added another ChannelUnity column option in csv exports

4.0.25 - 11/05/2016
- Fixed gray line in product lists
- Added channelUnity column in csv export
- Fixing order date in Order-separated CSV
- Fix for csv product-separated formats

4.0.24 - 10/05/2016
- Fixing order date in Order-separated CSV

4.0.23 - 10/05/2016
- Making the csv product-separated format match the other csv output options
- Added filter for the order comments in Zebra Labels
- Adding option to show a fixed weight addon in the total order weight subtotal
- Added function to print order comments
- Updating telephone shortcode into translations

4.0.22 - 07/05/2016
- Extending support for Chinese language prints
- Fixed order combined spacing
- Fixed order combined top white space
- Adding option to choose position of currency symbol
- Update to pricing codes to include option for Magento formatting, which may show locales better
- Update to pricing codes to show the correct one according to the order currency
- Added options to print prices as Currency Codes, Symbols, or not at all...
- Fixed configurable parent sku problem

4.0.21 - 01/05/2016
- fixed configurable parent sku problem

4.0.20 - 30/04/2016
- Adding option to force-add tax to shipping subtotal in Invoices as well as Packing Sheets
- Fixed wordwrap fail in some cases
- Added Due Date option, with choice for date start point
- Added option to include shipping tax in shipping total value
- Fix for cpaitals on accented characters
- Fix for subtotal line reverting to callout color instead of set color
- Setting more spacious defaults for the shipping label barcode and id number
- Fixed issue where the price title went awol on the second page
- Fixed issue where the option to show the product name bold stopped working on the 2nd page
- Tidied up page number displays
- Fixed issue where page numbering didn't always show correctly

4.0.19 - 25/04/2016
- Fixing page number error and spacing on 2nd page product line list
- Fixed issue wher SKU barcode wasn't always correct when using combo attributes to create it
- Fix for cases where server is missing mb_strtoupper
- Fix for custom message in Packing Sheets to show Grand Total fomratted correctly
- fix issue with caculate wrong price in packing sheet and invoice

4.0.18 - 19/04/2016
- Fixed issue where the padding for "extra shipping details" didn't always work
- Setting product name to appear non-bold by default in packing sheets. Minimal and all.
- Fixed sorting zebra labels with select-all issue
- Updating included tax options
- Fixed issue where "Show subtotal?" didn't get totally correct in some cases
- Added options for custom variables (order_id, grand_total) into displayed order messages
- Added option to show full payment methods
- Made the gift message tidier
- Bolding Grand Total label in subtotals
- Setting subtotal positions correctly
- Re-adding separating line after products and before subtotals
- Tidying the Order-combined and Order-separated totals box for more clarity
- Fixed issue where company address was still showing when "pickpack logo position" was set to "Full Page Width"
- Fixed issue where prices would show, even when "Show prices?" was set to No
- Fixed issue with incorrect product name retrieval when using custom fees in Magesty_AddFees
- Fixed Order-combined line overlapping
- Fixed issue with Zend RGB error reports

4.0.17 - 08/04/2016
- Fixed issue with bundle children sorting
- Added translations for gift messages

4.0.16 - 07/04/2016
- Fixed an issue with bundle children being sorted incorrectly
- Removed 'Resend Email' button which was loitering from an old version, cleaning up rewrites
- Updating Dutch translations

4.0.15 - 01/04/2016
- Changed method to print PDF logo. Logos everywhere should now be happier as they'll look better out the door.
- Removing unused setting 'Show gift wrap message?'. This has been incorporated into other options.
- Editing dropdown for full sku label, to be clearer.
- Adding more formatting for giftwrap messages, so they'll look purdy.
- Added zebra feature to "Show product options?"

4.0.14 - 30/03/2016
- Added additional formatting for giftwrap messages.
- Changed method for getting the rerurn address background, for a faster PDF production.
- Fixed issue with return address background image becoming gigantic under certain growing conditions.
- Giftwrap label styling, because, if it's a gift, we should make it look Giftly.
- Added option to show giftwrap and giftcard images in product list, when using the Mage extension.
- Added an update to the optional shipEasy and Automation Connection.
- Updated the default giftmessage font to be more readable than handwriting. Handwriting was pretty cool though, so we left it as a font option. To be removed when nobody notices it being there in a few months!
- Fixed an issue where we didn't get right custom attribute of child bundle products.
- Also fixed the related issue where we had problems showing configurable parent sku titles in the Packing Sheet.
- Fixed showing configurable parent skus in Packing Sheets.
- Fixes for 'QA Packed-By' note not showing up on multi-page prints.

4.0.13 - 24/03/2016
- Fixed an issue where incorrect config settings were propagating around the config section.

4.0.12 - 24/03/2016
- Fixed, color corrections where the colors were set to an invalid hex code.
- Fixed fatal error which was showing up for "Filter items by status?" being set to 'Yes'.
- Fixed issue showing Zebra product options.

4.0.11 - 23/03/2016
- Added code to all-caps option for Address Format, applied for COUNTRY and REGION. Yes, you can now get more custom with the shipping addresses.
- Edited font system to make it more obvious how to set non-Roman character sets. No more 'non-Roman character' option to worry about.
- Updating barcode printing for products to deal with multi-line barcode/sku combos.
- Added a fix to Date in CSV output, thanks to Carlos Ufano @ Arinza Commerce for the fix.
- Added Russian, Ukranian, Vietnamese languages.
- Added German, Australian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Brazilian, Portugese, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese.

4.0.10 - 21/03/2016
- Added logic to remove "Tax Incl." extra lines when there's only one tax line.
- Adding Bulgarian to Admin language options.

4.0.9 - 21/03/2016
- Added new option %cod_owed% in CSV (orders) which shows the 'Grand Total' value when Payment Method is (cash on delivery).

4.0.7 - 21/02/2016
- Adding serif and handwriting font option to PDFs
- Added Packing Sheet, Invoice bottom-address-label nudges and defaults

4.0.6 - 21/02/2016
- Adding serif and handwriting font option to PDFs
- Fixed hide extension shipping warehouse
- Added Packing Sheet, Invoice bottom-address-label nudges and defaults
- Updating the Order Details PDF for use with non-Roman scripts
- Fixing CSV output for ANSI format

4.0.5 - 20/02/2016
- Fixing CSV output for ANSI format
- Improving boxes around messages in PDFs
- Updates to work with ANSI csv exports
- Added code to print shipping label in bottom addresses correctly.
- Updating fonts for legibility in the config section.
- Added code to print shipping label at the environs of the top shipping address.
- Fixed an issue which was obscuring the 'customise fonts and colours' fields.
- Fixed an issue where long custom messages overlapped.
- Fixed message boxes showing out of sync.
- Fixed long custom messages being a problem. Cos they really were.
- Added general config section for zebra label fonts.
- Added logic to better deal with accents for zebra labels.
- Updated Out-of-stock Pick List to be a bit more zippy.
- Improving Orders Summary layout. Now works well with Chinese scripts, and looks better with all fonts.

4.0.4 - 18/02/2016
- Added option to uppercase country in labels; changed all address formatting to be simpler.
- Making the config save button a bit easier to spot.
- Fixed an issue with nudging the company address in invoice pdf.
- New, more-stable system for additional fonts.
- Added more translations for tax, because that's an area that gets people excited. Expecially if their job title is Mr Taxman.

4.0.3 - 15/02/2016
- Fixed, custom font issues with Order-combined picklists
- Fixed order-separated order sorting, according to grid settings, when using shipEasy.

4.0.2 - 15/02/2016
- Fixed order comments box positioning to match the top-of-page space.
- Adding custom customer attribute label to translated fields.
- Add new options "Strip comment line breaks", so if you have customers that sit on the return key we'll have them sorted.
- Correcting page title bars, when set to show lines instead of filled-out.
- Adding base padding to shipping details block to be a bit neater.

4.0.1 - 11/02/2016
- Added custom customer attribute label to translated fields.
- Improved accent rendering in 1-click font section.
- Fixed ebay multi options bug; now you can see all options ordered via eBay.
- Updating address capitalisation to work with accented characters.
- Fixed an issue with zebra label address capitalization.
- Fixed an issue with overlapping Order Comments Under shipping details.
- Fixed some white (blank) title borders not shifting correctly.
- Fixed, ability to nudge PDF logo. For precise PDFs!
- Making more use of space for extended Shipping Details sections.
- Character remapping, so if your courier can't deal with accents, we can deal with them. Touché.
- Added ability to skip virtual and downloadable products.
- Added a range of new style options, including semi-bold, and set the from-install look to be even better!
- Removed a couple unused options.
- Updating Italian translations.
- New, simpler code to attach pickPack PDFs to your emails.
- Making more functional the picklist titles.
- Reduced number of places that page size can be set.
- Adding easy-setup callout color, to basically have an easy way to integrate with your logo.
- Fixes to showing zebra tracking barcode/number in those labels.
- Currency symbols were an issue; we're closer to a multi-country solution here.
- Adding usps-recommended double-space between region and postcode.

4.0.0 - 10/02/2016
- Huge new version; massive refactoring of the whole extension for a faster and leaner experience.
- Added a new way to set config options easily, to order-combined and order-separated pdf.
- Added feature for showing the tracking number in the zebra label.
- Improving spacing of zebra label product list, for bolded quantities. Help out the warehouse crew.
- Added great-looking default design & simplified the config section.
- Added default font group. Trying to get this section easier.
- shipEasy flags / courierRules integration.
- Added fix for 'opensans' font, to get it tight.
- Adding fix to not strip field delimiters if they are in the csv value itself.
- Product names will now show brackets in the PDFs.
- Adding tasty new font options for the titlebars.
- Fixed, issue where first line of order-eparated csv output was missing a linebreak with non-comma separators
- Added csv custom options for "Custom CSV field separator" and "Quote all values in CSV exports?"
- Added new function to filter with Moogento_CourierRules for autoCN22.
- Fixed, issue where repeated options could get added in serial in special cases.
- Removed A5 option from page size.
- Fixed product sorting issue in PDF Order-combined output.
- Added integration with Biztech_Deliverydate (order dispatch date extension).
- Bundle child title now doesn't overwrite the children.
- Fixed issue with the latest update of M2Epro.
- Fixed an issue wheere changing status caused pickPack issues.

3.4.124 - 05/01/2016
- Fixed comments and messages spacing in Packing Sheets and Invoices.

3.4.123 - 31/12/2015
- Updated German translations to work with Vat subtotals (thanks Arne :) )

3.4.122 - 29/12/2015
- Fixed hiding extension-specific options. Less clutter is better!

3.4.120 - 24/12/2015
- Added option to trim sku in Order-combined PDF

3.4.119 - 23/12/2015
- fixed bug address spacing

3.4.118 - 22/12/2015
- fixed bug order comments in positionable box

3.4.117 - 21/12/2015
- changed description for Cyrillic font recommendations

3.4.116 - 20/12/2015
- Fixed translation of filename

3.4.115 - 18/12/2015
- Fixed long comments word-wrap

3.4.114 - 17/12/2015
- Fixed order comment not showing
- Fixed comment box under shipping details, product list and positionable box

3.4.113 - 16/12/2015
- Fixed order comment not showing
- Fixed comment box under shipping details, product list and positionable box

3.4.112 - 15/12/2015
- Fixed issue with currency comments
- Fixed issue with bundle children x-pos, total price xpos
- Fixed variable-width titlebar lines
- Company line width tweak for single-point lines
- Added option to edit width, or hide, company address vertical line

3.4.111 - 14/12/2015
- fix Dutch translation CSV alphabetical place
- Fixed issue with currency comments
- Fixed issue with bundle children x-pos, total price xpos
- Fixed variable-width titlebar lines

3.4.110 - 13/12/2015
- Company line width tweak for single-point lines
- Added option to edit width, or hide, company address vertical line

3.4.109 - 11/12/2015
- Fixed variable-width titlebar lines
- Company line width tweak for single-point lines
- Added option to edit width, or hide, company address vertical line
- Fixed Order Comment not showing

3.4.108 - 10/12/2015
- fixed bug tickbox

3.4.107 - 09/12/2015
- fixed bug order comments in positionable box
- fixed bug "Include discounts in product price"
- fixed bug Custom message under product list font color.
- pdfs attached to emails now have the .pdf suffix to help spam filters
- fixed bug order-separated sort order in "PDF (Order-separated Picklist)"
- editing system label for order-combined pdf
- Fixed Order Comment not showing in "PDF Packing Sheet"
- removing paid currency note from payment details section

3.4.106 - 24/11/2015
- Added feature, filenames now get translated
- Fixe Dutch translation CSV alphabetical place

3.4.105 - 20/11/2015
- Fixed, images not showing in order-combined pdf

3.4.104 - 15/11/2015
- Added feature, product lines in zebra labels now word-wrap nicely when long. Striped animals everywhere happy.

3.4.103 - 10/11/2015
- Fixed, a sneaky error which made some deep nests.

3.4.102 - 04/11/2015
- Added, Biztech_Deliverydate dispatch date

3.4.101 - 29/10/2015
- Fixed error with latest version of M2Epro

3.4.100 - 27/10/2015
- Fix for status change errors.

- Fixed Amazon comments not showing. You too, Amazon, you too.

- Fixed eBay comments not showing. Go forth and comment.

- Added an option to custom-pad the product list titlebar. Time to get classy with the spacing.

- Added a bit more space to the shipping details values. No more touching of label and value in what was honestly starting to get questions asked.

- Fixed timezone issues when showing date in store pickup section. Which was difficult, when the truck came and, yes, well... Fixed.

- Fixed printing image y-pos. Garblespeak for, the image was looking weird and now it doesn't.

- Fixed, a rare and special bug where the template image wasn't playing nice when the product sku isn't a seamless string. No idea what seamless string is, but it is no longer scaring Señor pickPack.
- Fixed filename in attached emails. Now we can add non-Roman characters and all plays nice.
- Fixed issues cleaning the duplicate shipping method title. Dirty no more, in any language.
- Fixed, get Qty by location. Multi-loation qty should now work, dependng on the plugin.

- removing unneccessary double-entered labels
- Fixed double-comma issue
- Fixed show store pick up text twice
- Fixed Duplicate Date From - To Pick Up Store
- adding shipping method line to locale
- adding shipping method line to locale and defualt
- re. strip non-address fields in csv exports
- Add option Override stock qty output with location-specific stock?
- add Shipping to locate
- Fixed printing image y-pos
- Fixed get qty by location
- add option " Product list titlebar padding "
- fixed clean method duplicate shipping method title

- fix issue when the order notes are repositioned just can only print 2 at a time
- Add check if isset item attribute in order item list
- remove NCR method
- fix problem when some host don't enable ini_set function of PHP
- Fixed issue repeated options (M2ePro/Component_Ebay) in PDFs
- Add For Store line (pickup/delivery methods), show the location name and the location identifier
- If method is 'store pickup' don't show customer address in the shipping section - just show their name/email/phone.
- Pickup date/time. Add an option (default yes) "Show pickup dat/time on same line?"
- Fixed space y-space issue - Order comment

- Fixed barcode function, removing unused variable. It was getting kindof lonely in there.
- Fixed issue bolding last line of address. Now it's bolder than bold.
- Fixed word-wrap comment box. Now those lines don't extend out forever.
- Fixed issue where order comments weren't printing nicely. Now Mr. Postman will marvel at the 'leave with neighbour' messages.

- integrating custom customer_comment field
- changing default wsa display (should be No)
- adding option to hide shipping method for store pickup
- adding logic to hide shipping method for store pickup
- fix " changing the ‘sku barcode’ x-pos doesn’t move the column"
- Fixed "Not changing letter case correctly in top addresses"
- moving General CSV settings to new section
- moving General CSV default settings
- moving General PDF settings
- adding csv encoding option
- adding csv encoding default
- adding csv encoding logic
- fixing config cdata group
- csv encoding config label change
- Adding new dropdown for csv format
- trying to add csv support for Amasty custom flags
- Fixed issue get option label by store Blank
- Fix issue "show product options" not work with more than 2 options
- in case of no logo, pull the barcode out from under titlebar)
- Added code to check Undefined variable
- Fixed customer comment position issue

- replace function isInstalled2() with Mage::helper('pickpack')->isInstalled
- edited (c) date
- Adding option to hide email from bottom flat shipping address
- Adding option to hide email from bottom flat shipping address, dependant options
- add Gift_wrap EE feature
- Fixed custom value not line up horizontally
- fixed Show 'LOCAL DELIVERY' shipping method
- Added title - Gift Wrap EE feature
- Fixed Xpos - Amasty Order Attribute
- check for string in Default
- added Show non-store pickup text? Feature
- Fixed line width not same, Fixed Xpos
- fix issue cache shipping address label don't work
- fix issue zebraLabel summary overflow text
- editing shipping template labels
- Typo edit in config
- Adding comment to field delimiter scetion in config
- stage1 - strip linebreaks from csv
- fix issue with return address in ZebraLabel
- remove unused function getPdfLetter() and getCsvDhlEasylogExport()
- Fixed some Y-pos issue
- add Top Right Gift-wrap image
- edit zebra multi-lable config text
- fix issue label zebra don't get right position of address line
- fix fatal bug in label zebral
- add function for "Strip linebreaks from non-address fields in CSV exports?" config
- re. add function for "Strip linebreaks from non-address fields in CSV exports?" config
- config label edits
- setting default values for images
- Added show pickup information
- Remove pickup Data blank line
- Add show gift wrap label No or Yes

- Adding support for MW Delivery Date
- Adding support for MW Delivery Date - using titlebar colors not message box colors
- Fix for color logic in messages box
- adding more description to nudge labels
- adding more description to nudge labels
- adding more description to nudge labels
- adding more description to config - shipping labels
- adding more description to config - default labels
- zebra, removing product separating line if no titles, and removing default titles.
- fix CSV combine product don't print chinese character
- re. fix CSV combine don't print chinese charater
- fix problem with wrong comment in system.xml, it cause configuration can't load
- fix issue checking value method
- fix problem when get chinese charater from custom attribute
- Added option to hide billing address if gift order
- Hiding billing address if gift order
- Fixed issue : $order = Mage::getModel('sales/order')->load($id);
- added config options for WSA Store Pickup
- added config options for WSA Store Pickup display choices
- added prelim logic for WSA Store Pickup
- filter for amazon buyer address hide; ticket #117 / yarmo
- update filter for amazon buyer address hide; ticket #117 / yarmo
- Fixed "Bold last line in page-base shipping addresses? " - bold the first line
- WSA store pickup, adding ption to config for non-pickup order text
- fix don't print chinese in CSV (Order-Separated Products)
- fixed the line above the Amasty Order Attributes is too thick
- 'Amasty order attributes' are word-wrapped and not truncated
- Fixed Gift message issue
- Fixed the issue bold last line not work
- Fixed bold last line - Not bold email and phone
- Fixed 'VAT Rateable' print (0)
- attempting to fix #76, issue with no image in order-sep pdf
- changed #93
- changed #46, changed old shipeasy links
- Fix issue about default position of Zebra Label when rotate
- fix custom attribute don't show in ZebraLabel

- Added customer order comment - MWonepagestep module
- removing unneccessary GFS question
- update function show order id above shipping address, move some code from default.php to invoices.php, add new function to set global page config
- added option fill bkg comment box yes/no - default : NO
- improve paging method in invoices and pickpack
- fix problem with Titlebar when add new page
- config repositioning
- fix minor bug with bottom order id
- fix issue with default shipping background image.
- Added qty center option
- Added comment under product - Boxed or fill bkg
- Added Center Qty Value
- Fixed "message in positional box" word-wrap/font-size/bkg-color not working correctly.
- Fix combined not should Shelving - Bundle product

- responsive edit customer dash

- more sane date examples
- Fixed few pickPack issue gift message
- add feature to check Shipping background image match with CourierRules and M2Epro
- changed section name to Shipping Labels, from Shipping Address Background Images
- fix not creating missing directories
- Fixed background image - return address
- Fixed BarCode default Position
- fix only show warning when M2Epro installed but CourierRules not install
- Improved print background image - return address section
- improve function check match Shipping method background with CourierRules

- Add Xpos - Bundle Children Config
- fix bug when run with older version of CourierRules (call out don't exists helper)
- re. fix bug when run with older version of CourierRules (call out don't exists helper)
- fix bug when don't get right payment method.
- Fix Bundle Product - Price Not Show
- add match print background image address only when CourrierRules and M2ePro is installed.
- missing x-pos option in drawtext
- Fixed Credit Memo Button now show - Invoice Detail Page

- Change pickPack css - Only effect in pickPack Section
- fix double space in address

- Moved 'show courier rules label' to the 'shipping address background' section
- Fixed pickPack CSS issue
- Product image default up - Default product border width less
- UpdateTranslate Slovenijia Language
- Changed the Rotate rule
- security patch fixes

- Fixed bottom address capitalisation breaking
- fixed bottom address reformat
- Fixed Rotate Bottom Order Id And Shipping Method not work
- fix PDF combine picklist don't get right xpos when "Filter/split by supplier? -> yes"
- fix bug when product have more than 1 image.

- Fixed CSV orders issue with M2ePro
- Fixed config not show comment
- fix css don't show out comment
- Carrier Setup formatting tweaked
- fix bug simple don't get right option value
- add new option 'Quote all values in CSV exports?'

- config notes css
- Improve button reset pickPack
- added time format to General pickPack

- 1. Product separated: update config section; fix show product type.
2. Order separated 2: update to show product options.
3. Fix notices from log files.
- fix to show title in order separated.
- Fixed Shipments grid issue : 1.printing Packing Sheets
2.added Zebra Labels into shipments grid
- update get newsletter function in CSVOrder
- run build and update order separated function.
- fix to show configurable product in order separated.
- change logic to show customer phone and email in top and bottom shipping addresses.
- add option for 2-digit country code and 3-digit country code in all CSVs. Remove html tags in product description in CSVs.

- Updated logic to show/hide Shipping Address phone and email in top and bottom sections.
- Added option for 2-digit country codes in all CSVs (3-character option is still there). Now your shipping company feed processor will be happy.
- Remove html tags in product description in CSVs. The Man will be happier again.
- Fix spacing in order message in top-of-page display. Look even better!

- Order-separated: show full sku for items with specific options chosen.
- Order-combined: Updated spacing of options and titles when word-wrapping.
- General speed and stability improvements.
- Moved email features to Moogento_Email extension. Now only turn it on when actually needed. (= less conflicts)
- Updated bottom shipping address cleaning. Yes, be clean and be seen.

- Updated email functions for better stability when interacting with its email-sending brethren.

- Updated template for attaching PDFs in order emails.

- Fix for CSV Order Separated where the same order has two or more items with same sku and different options

- Fixed a sneaky bug with Packing Sheet/Invoice PDFs for orders without shipping address.
- Same for the elusive Zebra labels.

- Fix for attaching an invoice to transactional email with Mandrill module

- Show tax separated in subtotal, in a better way. Number crunchers feel your heart rate jump then? :)
- Added ‘Clear pickPack cached images’ button. Snap n Pack.
- Fixed a bug where custom attributes in PDF Order-separated files were misbehaving.

- Update for printing Hebrew characters in Pdf and csv files. Shalom!
- Added a better-looking Hebrew font. Ooooh, Shalommm!

- Fixed issue where after some orders the pickPack machine started printing every item on a separate page.

- 1. Streamlined code. Faster and stronger, to the top!
2. Company address position fine-tune. Razor sharp.
- fix for ‘show the sum of the value of the products...' in order summary pdf.

- Updated the previously fickle ‘sum of the products value’ in Order Summary pdf. Accountants rejoice!
- Updated 'show product options as stacked'. Stack-On with no fear.
- 1. Add total column in Order Summary PDF. Easily see at which point someone entered something wrong in the warehouse. Another goody for the number-crunchers.
2. Fix to show large qty in Order eparated and Order Summary PDF. All stores selling huuge numbers of things can be extra happy.
- Update Clean method for pdfs/csvs - accents should no longer need to attach a font file.
- Added shipping options in shipment details in Packing Sheet/Invoice PDFs. Handy to see what type of shipping was ordered if you have those options.

- update clean method for pdfs/csvs.
- add shipping options at shipment details in pack/invoice pdfs.
- 1. Show Danish letters in address.
2. Add options to trim shipping method and payment method at shipment details.
- update bundle product barcode
- show Danish letters in pdfs.
- fix 'show qty options' in Pack/Invoice
- fix custom page title in Packing Sheet.
- fix notice in Order Grid observer function.
- remove shipment title if shipment detail is empty.

- fix notice in Order Grid observer function.
- remove shipment title if shipment detail is empty.

- remove shipment title if shipment detail is empty.
- 1. Add 2nd return image at the bottom of page (pack/invoice pdf)
2. Change logic to show top Billing Phone, Shipping Phone, Shipping Email.
- some changes to fix notice/issue when turn on developer mode.
- update subtotal and grand total in pack/invoice
- add 4th custom attribute to Order Combined Pdf.
- add tracking number to extra shipping details.
- 1.Delete unecessary comment
2. Product 2nd barcode feature
- shelving attribute in bundle options.
- get product qty from item. Support for magento < 1.7

- get product qty from item. Support for magento < 1.7

- get product qty from item. Support for magento < 1.7

- fixed tax in subtotal.
- add dimension for bottom return image
- 1. add qrcode feature to Pack/Invoice pdfs.
2. Change logic to position header logo, company address.
3. Bottom: add 2nd order id and 2nd barcode.

- update Junaidbhura_Mandrill in pickPack
- fixed currency symbol in pack/invoice pdf.
- 1) Add option to show Invoice ID in the 'order id barcode'
2) Fixed: 'Show Currency Exchange Rate in Subtotals?'
- show Magestore_RewardPoints in subtotals.
- update email function to work with Junaidbhura_Mandrill.

- Fix double line spacing.

- Fix for tax split display in Invoices

- Order separated print new page per order: store view scope.

- Update changes support for Chinese fonts.

- Fix for company address and header bar.

- Fix product image caching.
- Zebra prints product list in multi page.

- Fixes tax % display.
- New feature: include order id or date in filename.

- Update barcode printing function.

- Record time printed for each output.
- Fixes shipping tax display.

- New feature: Compatibility with autoCN22 extension.

- New feature: product_id_simple, product_id_configurable, product_id included as options on all csv exports
- Fixes custom attribute on csv separated and csv combine
- edit the dropdown to be able to choose 'Marketplace Order ID' as the barcode.
- add option in packing sheets and invoices, to "Add page background image"
- make option to show "Mageworx Multifees" in the extra shipping details section. Only show the label (not value) and bold

- Added support for Russian text in PDFs
- New feature: product options in a box for easier picking
- Fixes use-case where function ini_set() disabled causing install issues
- Fixes product image display in PDFs
- New feature: integrates with customer comments from MD_Onestepcheckout

- New feature: Option to override zend pdf lib.
- New feature: PDF Gift Message with angled text option

- New feature: PDF Gift Message. Make specific PDFs for gift-messaged orders.
- New feature: 'ebay_sales_number' and 'marketplace_order_id' options for Title when using m2Epro. Because then everyone is going to be clearer.

- Fixes addresses UPPERCASE with accented characters. And we had to make that word in CAPS just to MAKE IT CLEAR. Not to shout cos that would be weird in a changelog.

- New feature: Optimize image size in Pack/Invoice: Header logo, product image and shipping background. PDF size results a lot smaller. Which makes eevryone happy.

- Fixes custom product attributes not showing on order-combined pdf. Which was annoying.
- Fixes fill bar line width, where 0 is set. Ie. you can now turn off titlebars lines on one side.
- Fixes logo packing sheet display.

- Fixes conflict with Imedia_SalesOrder. No more media and sales getting nervous.

- New feature: BillSafe payment method “Show full payment details on bottom”. Exactly.



Can I print on any printer?

pickPack outputs PDFs - if you can print a PDF, you can print pickPack's tasty PDFs! This includes ink-jet & laser printers, and the small thermal/ink-jet zebra label printers.

Can I sort packlists by shelf/location?

Yes! Get ready to speed up your picking process.

Can I print on integrated labels?

Yes! You can nudge all the bits around to fit perfectly on your integrated labels.

Can I change the printed logo based on the store?

Yes! Easy-to-manage Amazon and eBay orders are here - easily stay within the TOS and not print your website URL on those orders, while adding it to your own website orders.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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