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Save Hours Processing Orders, Every Day

  • Simplify & speed-up order processing
  • Process multiple orders in one go
  • Save time : barcode-scan orders

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Streamline Order Processing & Save Hours Every Day

Mass-process orders

Instantly process multiple orders, via:

  • Barcode-scan (print with pickPack on integrated labels or picklists)
  • CSV import
  • Mass-action menu in the orders page

Save more time with advanced features

  • Couriers auto-parsed from tracking numbers
  • Grid-entered tracking, tracking-edits, and multi-tracks
  • Cancel any order, returning the products to stock
  • Set the status of any order
  • Contact customers in 1-click, with templated values

After a day of using shipEasy you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

shipEasy in one word - Amazing! It has a large feature-list, but the best is the grid customization.

The flexible workflow logic also makes the order processing much more efficient for our staff.

Cathy Miller, Recycled Goods

Easy-Edit Order Page Columns & Add 'shipEasy Power-Columns'

Hide or re-position any column to suit your flow - now with Drag'n'Drop editing, and simple on/off toggles, you can finally make Magento match your business processing flow.

Optimised to show more orders without scrolling - there's no need to scroll left/right to process an order.

Concise formatting to show only the info you need to see (eg. combine the two GT payment columns into a simple-to-read 'Paid' column).

Color-specific rows based on order status : easily focus on the orders you need to see. (All colors are editable with a simple-to-use color picker.)

Country-flag column option (filterable) : if you ship internationally this is invaluable. (Optional country-codes instead of flags.)

Country-grouping option (filterable) : if you ship to areas (eg. Europe, North America) this will help filter those orders. (You need courierRules for this)

Total weight and order number for specific statuses : if you need a minimum weight to ship, this just made your day.

Show SKUs, Product names, & qty-ordered - optionally color-coded based on the current stock level.

Show single/multiple skus in a filterable column - ship simple orders first, for a faster first pick.

One-click shipping address edits, direct in the order page.

1-click Order Flags - Up to 3 custom columns, with custom icons.

Connects with pickPack, easily show which orders have been printed. Filter-out already-printed orders to save double-shipping orders.

shipEasy works well with other extensions, including pickPack, courierrules, stockEasy, 'MDN Advanced Stock'.

Sell on eBay or Amazon with m2ePro?

  • eBay Customer ID/email column - easily find orders for great customer service.
  • eBay/Amazon Order ID column.

Save Staff Training Time

✓ Staff training massively simplified - what's easier than "To edit, click it"!

✓ Direct in the Order Grid:

  • see what was actually ordered
  • search by customer email & 1-click email
  • Ship & Invoice orders

✓ Change order status to anything.

✓ Process hundreds of orders in seconds.

We developed this over the last 6 years to meet an actual need in our own physical product store - this has saved and does save hours off every day. It's actually saved so much time that we didn't need as many staff as before - saving the cost of this extension almost immediately.

shipEasy makes your entire process run logically, simply, and smoothly. Every day you are not using it you're not only missing out, but you are going to be kicking yourself in the future for not using it earlier.

shipEasy and pickPack are perfect for our bulk processing of orders and provide a great bridge between our current processes and the Magento back end.

The support from Jim is also second to none.

You will not be disappointed with the extension, customization or the excellent support.

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User Guide Detailed install & setup docs

Guaranteed & Supported

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    90 days Support & Updates Included
    (Extendable from $99/year)


Compatible with recent CE & EE versions
(Community: 1.4-; Enterprise: 1.9-

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Changelog for shipEasy

4.0.44 - 21/06/2018
- Optimising for multi-line street addresses (part 2)

4.0.43 - 02/03/2018
- Optimising for multi-line street addresses

4.0.42 - 21/02/2018
- Updated code for speedier processing

4.0.41 - 05/02/2018
- Renamed shipping fields

4.0.40 - 05/02/2018
- Updated design for shippingRules integration

4.0.39 - 08/08/2017
- Fixed, some issues with some setups where the grid looked a bit out

4.0.38 - 06/06/2017
- Adding fix for edge case of no storename being set causing an error

4.0.37 - 01/06/2017
- Making Order grid product image sharp on retina screens
- Fixing an edge case Orders page error regarding store name
- Adding fix for min/mac price column bug in the orders grid. Thanks to Matt & Wes from tenniswarehouse for that!
- Updating tracking edit icons
- Fixed connection with shippingRules
- Fixed status error
- Fixed RM test case
- Fixed error in system config grid
- Adding translations

4.0.36 - 21/10/2016
- Adding translations
- Fixed conflict with Enterprise_SalesArchive

4.0.35 - 19/09/2016
- Updating shipEasy flag labels for admin clarity
- Changed store view image saving

4.0.34 - 11/08/2016
- Changed the way we save 'store view' images, for more reliable saves
- Added support for Fooman_OrderManager columns
- Fixed 'inital sorting' option bug
- Fixed issue where old columns weren't getting filled the whole time

4.0.33 - 13/07/2016
- Added Etsy icons
- Fixed double-email sending on csv import
- Updated tracking links for major carriers
- Set better carrier images for retina displays
- Adding filter for currency conversion note as default in custom columns
- Fixed some translations
- Fixed css conflic with IWD
- Removing blank shipping translations

4.0.32 - 17/05/2016
- Updating a few default options for a more concise first install
- Added option to show channelUnity column

4.0.31 - 04/05/2016
- Added country flags for Greenland and Faroe Islands
- Updating filter words for comments list

4.0.30 - 19/04/2016
- Fixed invoice capturing for online payments in scan process

4.0.29 - 12/04/2016
- Restored 'assign tracking' config option

4.0.28 - 11/04/2016
- Scan popup fixes
- Fix notice which came up with 'Undefined variable: order'

4.0.27 - 05/04/2016
- Adding fix for M2Epro remote Amazon store order link. Previously M2Epro would occasionally return links for sales.

4.0.26 - 01/04/2016
- Added timezone design from Clean.
- Added notifications for order comments.

4.0.25 - 17/03/2016
- Fix for sending tracking emails.
- Another fix for order sorting whne using 'Select All' button.
- Added a fix for a 'Invalid block type' error message, which was occasionally popping up.

4.0.24 - 07/03/2016
- Restore new tracking emails - if you're sending a specifically different email for the 2nd tracking number added to an order, this should now work well again. Phew!
- Fix order sorting when using shipEasy's 'Select All' functionality.
- Fixed "Invalid block type" error, which was a rare but annoying beast.
- Added design edits to make status-change buttons clearer (for the 1-click status-change funcitonality).
- Added feature for 'assign tracking' as a config option.
- Added autocomplete for customer editing on order page (if transferring order to another customer).
- Added support for Amasty_Perm Dealer column.
- Added support for Amasty flags column.
- Added integration with Automation for csv importing orders automatically.
- Changed custom date format to match

4.0.23 - 08/02/2016
- Fix for double-email check, thanks to josh @webtise for the contribution

4.0.22 - 03/02/2016
- Added better defaults for fresh setups. More out-the-box sweetness.

4.0.21 - 03/02/2016
- Fixed email send-on-status-change issue. Some combinations wuld cause it not to send, but this should all be running great now.
- Fixed a rare issue where shipEasy would complain about ambiguous clause (thanks to Matt Campbell from MageAustralia for the bug report & fix!)
- Added support for FireCheckout (thanks again to Matt Campbell from MageAustralia)
- Added custom column cell padding, for a more compact grid
- Fixed a config error (a issue with column width, where it would sometimes not set)
- Added option to add tracking without shipment in csv import
- Style changes for multiple emails in grid; if you're showing previous emails for an order then this will display nicer.

4.0.20 - 06/01/2016
- Fix tracking import issue that cropped up with csv imports.

4.0.19 - 31/12/2015
- Fixed, empty email column in the Orders grid.

4.0.18 - 31/12/2015
- Added, support for Tradewinds_Channelunity module. Now we can show the same data as M2Epro if you're using this other channel aggregator.
- Automation, added to csv import (actually to the Automation module, but connects with shipEasy).
- Fixed, issue with csv-imported partial shipments.
- Added feature to show all attribute values in product attribute column.

4.0.17 - 17/12/2015
- Fixed presorting of orders in Grid, based on config choices for 'First Sort'

4.0.16 - 16/12/2015
- Fixed another rare issue saving tracking numbers

4.0.15 - 14/12/2015
- Fixed, a rare issue saving tracking numbers
- Edited the default value for the tracking column
- Added feature, to help show tracking links in shipment emails
- Added feature, preventing double shipment saves, no more double-entry in some m2epro cases
- Added, speedups for custom attribute columns, for faster grid refreshes and searches
- Fixed, m2epro section in order view page

4.0.14 - 01/12/2015
- Added feature, resets product columns on product save, to show changes faster in the Grid

4.0.13 - 30/11/2015
- Added feature, now showing m2epro details in the order detail page

4.0.12 - 18/11/2015
- Fixed, import comments by csv

4.0.11 - 18/11/2015
- Added feature, now you import comments in the CSV import
- Added an option to position the weight/orders box in the Orders Grid

4.0.10 - 14/11/2015
- Added weight/orders position option. This helps if you're consolidating shipments for couriers, either for a pickup or for a combined-package. You can now see the total weight and number of orders for each shipping zone setup with courierRules.
- Label edit for trimming product names. Clearer what each action does.
- Added support for ITwebexperts_Payperrentals columns in grid managment.
- Added an option to truncate product names. In case you want to the whole kaboodle, throw caution to the wind, and see all 124 characters of that really weird product you added to the catalog last New Year and thought would be a hot seller. Still hoping.
- Added option to hide email history.
- Added feature to import comments in the csv import page.
- Speeded up db requests, via an edit in update_mkt_id cron. Zippier page refreshes.
- Cleaned up the Order Grid, by removing grid hover-titles. Now no extraneous tooltips popup to distract you as you navigate the sea of orders.
- Fixed and speeded up comment-search in the Orders Grid.
- Added support for case-insensitive search by tracking/carrier.
- Added support for Shipping zone filter, so that you can now search by specific postcode.

4.0.9 - 27/10/2015
- Updated to work with SUPEE-6788 security patch. we also have instructions in our blog how to do this yourself if you prefer.
- Fix to update the cache if order count mismatch ids count. Jargon aside this means if you 'select all', then change one of the filtered paramters, the total count selected will re-base itself.
- Fix for the store filter. It was feeling unloved and occasionally missed some stores. Sight passive-aggressive although we haven't told it so.
- Fix select all functionality. Always a major feature of shipEasy, now even better - related to changing filtered factors and then selecting all.
- Search in tracking by carrier. You can now search in the 'Tracking' column by the carrier name, and it will shwo all those orders.

4.0.8 - 22/10/2015
- Fix for Customer email column, which was a bit on and off.
- Match tracking length added as a filter to shipEasy courier auto-match settings.
- Updated config comments for date format. Easier than ever to get to the bottom of j and J.
- Mass save tracking. Now you can save the same tracking number to all selected orders. Handy if you ship a lot of orders in the same box, eg. for consolidated shipping.
- Fix status change for statuses without state. And that is a state to be proud of.
- Protection for cases when store was deleted. Which seems to happen more often than we assumed but kindof makes sense as stores come and go. All set for fluid stores now!
- Tweak image pop time. It was just a little 'je ne sais quoi' before. Now it waits a little, so you don't get flying images as you move around the grid, but just a little pause and there you go, max Image.
- Order image expand. Now when hovering over an image in the Orders grid you can see the full size image.
- Added a company name column. Helps to organise B2B orders.
- Fix translation issues. Should work better with non-English setups now.
- Fix for errors that were happening in corrupted databases. So even if your db has been a little.. messed up.. we won't add to the injury.
- Annual quarter panel info. Actually this is in Clean, but let's see if anyone reads these changelogs anyway.
- Email query. Not really sure what this was or is, but I'm sure it's useful as it has been marked so.
- Click-to-edit status - now you can change order status as simply as clicking a dropdown.
- Fix timezone error with wrong country id. So even if the country code is incorrect we won't sit in the corner crying into our timezone pot of sorrow.
- Fixed, filtering of custom order columns. Go forth and add.
- Fix headers already sent error. This was showing up occasionally. No more.

- Stopping resaving orders in cron. Giving the cron machine a small break. He has a tough time, but today...
- Click-to-edit status, right in the grid. More moves towards zero-training UX.
- PayPal verified now showing verified icon when ... it's verified.
- Default blank flag option, no need to include that in your custom icon lists.
- Product image in the grid - including hover-to-expand. Nice and easy to check what's been ordered.
- Grid improvements for speed and beauty. It's a good day if you're a grid.
- Fix 'sE Invoice/sE Ship' in some rare cases when they played hard-to-get.
- Fixing messages for csv import feedback. Should be more helpful.
- Order cancelling, previously a upNdown event, is now more up than down.

- Fix CSV exports. Export and go forward.
- Order stats without courierRules. Previously you needed the two installed, and now you don't. Bonus.
- Default address templates - 1-click templates for 5 or 6 countries.
- Date filter fix. It should now actually filter to include the two selected dates.
- Product return to stock on order cancel. Quite a big one, now when you cancel an order, the items are returned to the stock pool.
- Fix fatal caused by capital letter in file name. Which was interesting, but not really cool if you wanted to get creative with filenames.
- Fix store column. It was being pesky. No more.

- Fixed bug, qty column was being tricky. Less so now. Seen with a cardigan.
- Fixed bug - tracking column. Now more trackable.
- Handles wrong country ids. Edge case, but someone was feeling edgy.
- Fix ebay user ID filter, to actually filter. Should point out it also filters eBay email.
- Fix conflict with MDN_A extension. See, we're friendly like that.
- Grid fixes. No. More. Detail. Will. Come.
- Fix notice. Yes.
- Fix instalation script. Now brighter than before.
- Performance improvements. So fast you can almost ship orders before they are placed. Almost.
- Indexing deadlocks. A distant cousin of dreadlocks.
- Timezone column: enhancements and fixes. It's a pretty cool column (don't hear that every day), and it just got cooler.
- Sku link > icon. Now links are iconned up in all their beauty.

- Cron performance boosted. Zippedydoo-dah.
- Barcode scan fix. Scan like a mofo.
- Restore missing mb protection. Tarped up.
- Fix complete status for invoiced/shipped orders. State and status are always a bit tricky, but now they are happy bedfellows.
- Page load improvements. Speed. All about the speed.
- Click order / edit add. Now you can choose what happens when you click an order. (Opens the order, or nothing).
- Comments filter. Let's minify the Order Grid some more and remove what are basically spammy comments from eBay and m2Epro. Gone. But, still there.
- Image col options. Just don't ask what they are.
- Images column fix. It now shows the image.
- Indexing fixes, for maximum speediness.
- Added support for Idev_OneStepCheckout in comments column. See those essential musings from your customers.
- Timezone column: enhancements to show correct timezone. Which is useful when calling people up.
- Fix order indexing problems, to now, index like there's no tomorrow.
- Fix conflict with Magedev_Ordermanager. Plaing nice is how we do it.
- Add falback for missing mb_ function, because some servers are setup like that.
General compatibility fixes and speed improvements. Bigger than it sounds, the way we rewrite the grid has been changed to allow for faster grid refreshes.

- Custom attribute page-load massively increased. Now free to show custom stuff and not run for an 8 course slow meal while it loads.
- Option for click-action. You can now have back the default function where clicking an order in the Orders grid to copy the address/phone results in a race against time before that order loads. We added a new bonus option too, to not do anything on click. So we now have 3 optiosn, the 3rd being 'select the order'. Happy days.
- Carriers grid. This has been improved, and now works with a few other extensions from Moogento.
- Magento 1.4 support. Finally, we are retro again. Yes, it now works in Magento 1.4 so all you slow-updaters can rejoice.
- Carriers Input Formats: add new input. Yes. The label descriptors are truly descriptful here.
- Grid search: prefilter functionality. Oooh missus. You can now set a default pre-filter. So you can now come to the Orders Page with your standard filter (eg. Order-status = processing) already set. Magic seconds saved every day - and magic time spent training the new guy saved. New guy saves hair.
- Timezone column. YES! Ship internationally? Prefer to call your weary customers and save neg feedback? Afraid of waking them up and locking in the 1-star review? Bored of trying to work out the country code when dialling with skype? We now show if the customer timezone is suitable for a call. And, yes, there's another 'and' - two (I know! crazy!) buttons to call them. Left or right button? Your choice. Depending on whether you want to call with your iPhone-connected fondleslab or the M$ nefariousness of Skype.
- Ebay order link - using m2Epro? Juicy. You can now click on the eBay order link, in the Order Grid, and go direct to that order in eBay. Yes, save all that mucking around that is normally needed trying to connect which darn order relates to which Magento order.
- Installation fixes - easier than ever. Honest.
- Default csv fields. Another beauty of a description. Answers on a postcard.
- Bug fixed - date range. The rather annoying bug that previously hammed it up in the Date column, where the last date in a range would be hidden, has now been sent the way of all date bugs. To the future.
- Fix bug with order grid. Yes indeedy. This no-name bug has now summonsed and given the 1-liner. Back soon.
- Comment popup. Now fancier than ever. Your happless packer, just employed to deal with the April Fools explosion in Orders, will no longer come crawling miserably to your desk asking what he needs to click on to ensure embarrassing customer comments are emailed immediately to said customer.
- Row hover highlight. We tooketh away, we retourneth. With some. Our tasty row coloring is unaltered, but you now have a nice row highlight option to keep you feeling warm and fuzzy as you scroll through the orders of the day.

- row hover highlight
- comment popup
- img col
- Reorder col
- img col (fix bug #2366)
- bug - tracking
- custom emails (start)
- csv import option & change config title from 'Order Barcode Scanning' to 'Scan Orders'.
- method trims
- ebay order link
- option to hide SM#
- default columns
- image col & reorder qty (fix)

- gift column
- fancy dropdown for stock menus (fixed)
- fancy dropdown for stock menus
- bug: empty email column
- #sku padding
- method trims
- method trims _ 1
- move exact stock status in stockeasy
- default columns/order(fix)
- return old 'stock' column'

- default columns/order(fix)
- return old 'stock' column'
- image options store/view
- fix for instalation script
- default columns/order(update)
- barcode assign tracking
- default columns/order (fix)
- default columns/order (del default values for nonexistent colums)
- default columns/order
- click-to-edit tracking
- spinner fixes for chrome,safari shipping method translations update

- barcode assign tracking
- default columns/order (fix)
- default columns/order (del default values for nonexistent colums)
- default columns/order
- click-to-edit tracking
- spinner fixes for chrome,safari shipping method translations update

- default columns/order (fix)
- default columns/order (del default values for nonexistent colums)
- default columns/order
- click-to-edit tracking
- spinner fixes for chrome,safari shipping method translations update
- qty column
- button label chg
- marketplace id col
- country groups from courierRules zones
- hide address fields if hidden

- qty column
- button label chg
- marketplace id col
- country groups from courierRules zones
- hide address fields if hidden
- click-to-edit tracking
- flag change > spinner
- update bugs
- exact stock status (rework colums sku & product name)
- delete shipEasy stock column
- fix missing files in build
- comments display fixes
- country groups from courierRules zones (fixed if module CourierRules off)
- non-roman comments (fixed bug with string length)
- non-roman comments
- update scripts corrections
- fix mkt order id column
- exact stock status
- import shipments fixes
- move mass action: sE Assign tracking
- add sorting orders grid for config
- grid column widths
- cron cells / pending (fix Ebay User Id)
- grid fixes
- partial shipment import fixes
- partial shipment import
- ShipEasy - config section refactoring
- click-to-edit addresses enhancements
- fix css with spinner
- fixes for paid and custom attribute filters
- Import CSV page - show status field only for corresponding action
- cron cells / pending
- new column Store View
- remove $ Shipping column
- fix default sort order
- fixes for State/province field in click to edit
- add green alert for clicking address form
- css tweek
- fix css bug in jquery ui with bootstrap
- fix bug with jquery-ui
- partial shipment import - config addons
- change datepicker format
- restore changes for custom attribute columns
- fix problem with virtual orders
- product attribute filter speed improvements
- changes from 3.2.1
- add css and js for clicking address form
- fix js bug with dialog box
- fixes for weight column
- change icon for click to edit
- fix css bug with dialog box
- for clicking address form add warning about unsaving, fix css bugs, add spinner
- fix format for datapickers
- add support for Moogento Clean changes in date column

- fixes for weight column
- change icon for click to edit
- fix js bug with dialog box
- fix css bug with dialog box
- for clicking address form add warning about unsaving, fix css bugs, add spinner
- fix format for datapickers
- fix css clicking form
- add support for Moogento Clean changes in date column
- product image column refactoring
- change address clicking form style
- fix shipping method filtering
- remove redundant zipcode field
- FIX: email column not updated fir new orders
- change button style
- chenge cursor for address click form, add default values for this form, chenge button style
- merge
- fix data exported to csv (remove html)
- persian/thai datapickers - date formatting fix
- add cancel button, validation, edit-icon for address pick form
- refactor grid
- fix css form in config in build
- Form pick address, Translate payment & shipment methods
- fix column sorting
- fix error on customer order list
- date column - support for persian and thai calendar
- fix error for sku in custom attribute column + ordering by date



Can I process multiple orders at the same time?

Yes - and shipEasy makes it easy.

Can I use a barcode scanner to process orders?

Yes - just print the barcodes with pickPack and scan the label or picklist. We recommend laser scanners over ccd scanners; usually you can grab a suitable one for around $75.

Can I add tracking numbers to un-shipped orders?

Yes - a special feature of shipEasy, you can now assign tracking numbers ahead of setting an order to shipped. As soon as you ship the order, shipEasy will apply the tracking number.

Can I add tracking numbers via .csv import?

Yes - you just need the order id, and tracking number. We auto-parse the carrier based on patterns you have set.

Can I include custom product attributes in the grid, like Shelf or Location?

Yes - add, and sort/filter, up to 2 product attributes.

Is it easy to install?

If you've installed Magento extensions before, you'll find it easy. See our guide if you're not sure, or grab our paid install service.

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